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✧ ・ 。゚★ H E L L O ★ ゚。 ・✧ Hey, there! I'm Arty, a pastel goth aesthetic VStreamer! I play a variety of games on Twitch! (I really ought to draw more, though...) ✧ ・ 。゚★ T H A N K S ★ ゚。 ・✧ Gifts are never expected, but I appreciate anything so so so much! Anything on here are either items I use often, help me with bills/finances, or things I've been looking at getting for a while. ✧ ・ 。゚★ N O T I C E ★ ゚。 ・✧ All gifts are automatically tweeted to my Twitter account! If I'm live, a notification will also pop up! If you'd like to remain anonymous because of this, you can always put who you are in the message instead, as that is not shared anywhere. ✧ ・ 。゚★ S O C I A L S ★ ゚。 ・✧ You can find me just about anywhere as @arthmaela or @arthmaelatv!

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Diablo 4 (PC)

Diablo 4 (PC)

"This payout would be used directly to buy Diablo 4 Standard Edition on PC."