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How it works

Setting up your wishlist on Throne only takes a few minutes. Add gifts from our partner brand catalog or any other retailer in the world.

Step 1

Curate your wishlist

Create a privacy-first wishlist with products from our partner brands or any other store. Share your list with your followers by adding it to your bio and telling your fans about your wishlist.

Step 2

Your fans buy gifts

After sharing your Throne link with your fans, they can visit your wishlist and purchase gifts. Fans can leave a message & their name during checkout. With our integrations, you can show gifts on-stream or tweet automatically for new gifts.

Step 3

Throne ships gifts

Next, Throne ships gifts purchased by fans directly to your address. The order process from Throne is entirely separated from your fan's gift purchase to ensure 100% privacy.

The Leading Platform

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The Leading Platform


Throne is the leading gifting platform for creators in 55+ countries.

  • Method to let your fans support you
  • Relentless focus on privacy
  • Chargeback protection
  • Add gifts from any online store
  • 0% fees partner store
  • Gift crowdfunding
  • Integrations with 20+ platforms
  • Gift suggestions and Thank You notes
  • Customize your page
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Why Creators love Throne

Throne is the largest and highest-rated gifting and commerce platform for creators around the world. Here's why creators choose us:


Your delivery details are stored securely and completely inaccesible to fans.

Chargeback Protection

Throne has best-in-class chargeback protection for creators.

Gift Suggestions

Followers can suggest gifts and be notified once you accept the suggestion.

Gift Messages

When purchasing a gift, fans can enter a message which can be displayed on stream.

Unlimited Selection

Next to our growing selection of partner brands, you can add gifts from any online store.

Powerful Extensions

Throne has integrations & extensions for Twitter, StreamLabs, Twitch & More!

Create Your Wishlist

Create a privacy-first wishlist with products from our partner brands or any other store. Share your list with your followers by adding it to your bio and telling your fans about your wishlist.

“With crowdfunding, my community is able to come together and fund items, whether it's $1 or $100, everyone can help out with reaching the gift goal.”

Yennii, YouTube & Twitch Creator
Throne Wishlist

What our Creators say

See below for a handful of reviews & comments from our creators on Trustpilot.

Protects privacy

"I love Throne! Amazon leaked my address to a fan of mine before, so having a platform like Throne that protects both my privacy and my fans' is fantastic. The privacy and protection are a huge plus, but so is having a button to just add anything to my wishlist from almost any website! It's an amazing platform."

- Emjay

Love this company and idea!

"Love this company, super reliable and I get my gifts safely!"

- Kaia

One-stop-shop for my community!

"Throne allows me to easily share what products I'm using in my streaming set-up. In combination with the wish-list, this makes Throne a one-stop-shop for my community!"

- Ezz Breezy

Throne is a MUST HAVE for wishlists

"This has been the best wishlist site that I have ever used. Even when problems come up with items or shipping, I've always been able to reach out and get the issue resolved very quickly. Highly recommend especially for the security aspect."

- Lyrica

It's amazing.

"Not only is it incredibly easy to use it's also super safe for creators AND senders. It's been a joy just adding stuff to the list and have had 0 issues thus far. I will always recommend Throne!"

- Jelly

Absolutely fantastic

"A viewer purchased an item from my Throne Wishlist and it was dispatched within 30 minutes of being ordered and arrived within a week."

- Golly

I cant recommend it enough!

"Really easy to use, fast and prompt delivery, never had an issue! A fantastic way to support streamers, families, humans and all <3"

- Natasha

Love it!

"I love the option to be able to share my favorite products that I personally use and recommend to my community. It's all in one place, and easy to add items to the storefront."

- Vanessa

So safe and easy!

"Being able to get gifts from fans while keeping a low profile is amazing! Thank you for keeping us all safe!"

- Raider

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