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I’m an award-winning comic book writer, editor, and publisher. I’m also disabled and due to my chronic illnesses, I’m not able to earn a living. Being sick in this country is expensive and medical expenses add up quickly. Gifts on this wishlist would help tremendously. Thank you. You can also buy e-gift cards or send money via Venmo and Paypal using the email jamila.rowser@gmail.com E-gift cards for shops like: Walgreens Publix Walmart Visa gift card Audible subscription Ever& subscription Chewy Lyft Uber Uber eats Door dash





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Biotene Dry Mouth Spray



Elbow Compression Sleeve (Pair)

"XL, any color"

Bookshop.org Gift Cards

Bookshop.org Gift Cards

"My email is jamila.rowser@gmail.com"

Kindle Gift card

Kindle Gift card

"my email is jamila.rowser@gmail.com"

Self-Adhesive Electrodes - CEFALY

Self-Adhesive Electrodes - CEFALY

"Electrodes for Cefaly migraine device. I use about 1 pack every 3-4 weeks, so the more the better. <3 "

Neck Pillow for Travel

Neck Pillow for Travel


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