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Hey! I'm FraserIRL :) Welcome to my StoreIRL where you can crowdfund IRL products to gift me, FraserIRL. That's a lot of IRL. If you don't know who I am, I stream on Twitch every week, I co-host Help! I'm Stuck in a Podcast and I can't shake my addiction to burritos.







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Elgato Prompter

"Honestly this looks incredible. The tl;dr on what it does is it puts the chat in the position of my webcam, so I can read chat and look at the camera at the same time!!"

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Family Feud for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Switch

"This looks like a super fun switch game that we can play as a stream in LIVE mode!! :D"


Remote Controller for Wii, TechKen Wireless Wii Built-in Motion Plus Nunchuck Controller with Silicon Case Jacket and Wrist Strap(Black) - Black

"For Wii emulation streams in the future? 👀"

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Microphone Pop Filter

Microphone Pop Filter

"My current one is probably long overdue a replacement. It still works well, but the fabric is sagging. I'm sure there's hygiene reasons to replace it too... 😅"

ORIGINAL Impairment Goggles - Drunk glasses Pro. BAC .10 to .16, Daylight

ORIGINAL Impairment Goggles - Drunk glasses Pro. BAC .10 to .16, Daylight

"You wanted a challenging nuggie redemption challenge, you suggested this as a challenging nuggie redemption challenge!"


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