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The marketing & sales channel for ambitious D2C brands

Throne offers brands the opportunity to reach +500,000 creators and their fans. Unlocking new ways for promoting your brand.
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A content creator showing the gift they received via Throne.A content creator showing the gift they received via Throne.A content creator showing the gift they received via Throne.
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How the partnership works
Connect & sync items from your store
You connect your store to Throne and sync the items you want to be displayed in Throne’s Gift Store.
Fans gift your items to their favorite creators
Creators add items to their wishlist and their fans buy them directly on Throne to be sent to the creator.
Experience free UGC and Marketing
Creators generally feature their most-wanted items and showcase the gifts they receive on their socials.
Throne 2.0 - Privacy-first gifting platform for creators | Product Hunt
Join over 600 brands
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What our partners
say about Throne
“Partnering with Throne has been one of the greatest marketing decisions we’ve made in our 8 years in eCommerce. Throne has allowed us to gain valuable brand exposure into a lucrative demographic of influencers that have a high conversion rate. Their customer support is second to none, integration is seamless, and they genuinely care about the people they partner with.”
Kelly McDonald
Founder, Kawaii Babe
“Throne was an obvious choice for me to grow my business. They are an easy-to-set-up sales and marketing channel with excellent customer support.”
Monique Morin
Founder, Monique Morin Lingerie
“All too often, we ship out loads of products to influencers and creators who aren't that interested for a variety of reasons -- they get a ton of products already, they aren't looking for haircare, they are focused on specific products, etc. With Throne, we can ensure that the creators who actually want our products will get them. A great reciprocal relationship.”
Lynn Power
Co-Founder & CEO, MASAMI
Frequently asked questions
How long does the integration take?

10 minutes of your time to get setup on Throne.

How much does it cost to be on Throne?

We work on a commission based model so you do not pay anything to be on the platform.

Where is the gift store available?

We are live in the USA, CA, UK, DE, AU, FR, ESP, IT and the Netherlands and are continuously opening up new countries.

Can I pick which products I like to have on Throne and to which countries I want to deliver?

Yes, you have a dashboard with which you can enable and disable products and pick your delivery countries.

Do I have to give away free items to creators?

No, the concept works that fans purchase the item for the creator - you will still profit from their UGC which is more authentic as they do not have to add a sponsored tag.

Is there a minimum agreement length?

No, we want to provide value to you and create a win - win for both parties. If you do not feel Throne is a good value add feel free to disconnect your store.

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